What is Drip

Drip is a revolutionary automation product that represents the future of bars

Drip is a co-bot, not a robot

Drip does not replace, but assists the bartenders, automating only the unskilled aspect of bartending by pouring shots and basic mixers while leaving the skilful job of cocktail preparation to the bartenders.

Drip is Aesthetically Pleasing

Drip is light and portable bar-top device that can blend in with its surroundings with mood lighting and clean modernistic design.

Drip is ready for Smart Payments

Drip is equipped to take all forms of smart payments right out of the box including Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Contactless Cards.

Drip collects Invaluable Data

Drip collects large amounts customer usage data and analyses it to reveal customer preferences and information valuable for marketing purposes.


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Large Touch Screen & POS Glass Dispensers 2 Digital Marketing Screens Split design serves 2 customers Adaptable Mood Lighting


What our partners have to say about us

"If you can solve my problem of theft, I will buy your machine right now."


Take a closer look at the team bringing you Drip.

Aditya Sakhuja

Co Founder, CTO

A true tech-fanatic and entrepreneur at heart, Aditya receieved his Bachelors and Masters degree in Electronic and Information Engineering from Imperial College London.

Aditya Parmar

Co Founder, CFO

A real financial-freak and business savvy individual, Aditya received his Bachelors degree in Banking and International Finance from Cass Business School.

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